We aim for a ‘net positive’ environmental impact

Responsible Travel Policy

Our intention is to have a social and environmental impact that is ‘net positive’. In other words, we aim to give more than we take to the communities and environments which we visit.

The environmental impact of flying is undeniable and dominates the carbon footprint of any frequent traveller. To mitigate against this, we partner with Climatecare to offset the carbon emissions from the flights taken by our own staff.

We believe that our project-based expeditions already contain activities that make a significant positive difference to communities and the environment. Our projects are all completed during our visit are sustainable and can be maintained locally. 

In the case of our trekking expeditions, we employ local agencies, guides and porters who are treated well and paid a fair wage, always following the International Porter Protection Group guidelines. Where possible, we use accommodation and restaurants that are also owned locally in order to support the local economy.

We supply all our teams with water purification systems enabling them to drink local water most of the time, reducing our reliance on plastic bottles. We support Travellers Against Plastic in a mission to eliminate single-use plastic across the travel industry.

We travel in small groups to minimise the impact on the environment of each expedition.