Your safety is our greatest priority.

Our Approach to Safety Management

There are two aspects to our safety management process: prevention and support.

Regarding prevention, we employ a rigorous risk assessment procedure and we ensure all our group leaders are appropriately trained, experienced and qualified. Regarding support, we provide a swift and effective response to look after our people in the event of an unavoidable incident.

This approach runs through all elements of our safety system and is enabled by the size of our operation. We have all the systems, technology, procedures and people in place to facilitate this critical part of our service.

Experience Reinforced by Technology

It is the combination of highly experienced staff and cutting-edge technology that enables us to prevent and respond to incidents of all kinds.

Our group leaders are operational practitioners who will know all of our customers, are familiar with their itineraries and have the authority to make decisions immediately. We never under estimate the advantage of local knowledge. We do not shy away from employing local staff, employed for their knowledge of their ability to work with international groups. 

We invest heavily in technology to ensure we always have the latest and most appropriate equipment. Consequently, there is always a voice at the end of the phone to provide immediate help.

Satellite Communications and Tracking

All our leaders carry mobile phones with local sim-cards, satellite phones and GPS tracker. This gives the teams the best possible worldwide coverage to establish two-way communications with our UK based Expedition Support.

We use the latest tracking technology to know where are groups are at all times, we even supply you with a web link to the tracker so that you can share your location with family and friends while you are away!

Expedition Support

While expeditions are underway you will be supported by our local agencies, who are selected based on their expertise and ability to assist with any eventuality that may occur on a trip.

In addition to this local support you will also benefit from our operational experience and resources, with a member of staff on call throughout the time you are away. This will be manned by expedition professionals trained and experienced in incident management. 

We take pride in the quality of our safety system and believe that it is unparalleled in the industry.