Bridging the gap between philanthropist and beneficiary

We lead expeditions for philanthropists who invest in sustainable development.

The Big Idea

We take you to the places where your money is invested and help you answer the following questions:

1. What difference am I making?
2. Who is benefitting from my donation?
3. What is the true meaning of sustainable development?

The Focus of the Expedition

We will take you to actual sites associated with your donations. Here, we introduce you to the practicalities of sustainable development.

Effective development programmes need to be measured, evaluated and managed in order to have an impact that is transformational, sustainable and scalable.

Your Learning Journey

At each location, we’ll explore questions such as:

1. How is this project differentiated from other initiatives?
2. Why were this location and community selected?
3. What are the sustainable outputs of this project?

A Personal Contribution

Visiting established projects will be a fascinating experience. However, the highlight of the expedition will be participating in an active project.

A brief, personal contribution of your time and effort will give you a unique understanding of the difference your generosity makes to other people’s lives.

Your Experience

The general level of comfort for this expedition will always be at the highest available standard. We endeavour to use only locally owned hotels and lodges.

We aim to give you an experience that is both interesting and restorative.

Please contact us to discuss travelling with Keba Adventures.