Combining CSR with adventure

The Solar Suitcase project is one example of our CSR opportunities.

The Big Idea

Delivering solar power to health clinics with little or no electricity at night.

The expedition team installs a Solar Suitcase and trains local health workers to use it.

The unit captures the sun’s energy during the day to provide a reliable source of electricity at night.

What’s in the Box?

The Solar Suitcase, made by We Care Solar, contains all the components required to generate power from the moment of installation.

The charge collected during the day is enough to power 2 medical lamps all night and charge other portable equipment.

The yellow case becomes a cabinet that mounts to the wall, and the panels are secured to the roof.

The Benefits

Solar suitcases improve the quality of care provided to patients with obstetric complications by enabling health workers to see at night.

With the help of these suitcases, maternal health will improve, infant mortality will decrease, and health workers will be able to work night shifts with confidence.

Your Expedition

We lead you on a fully supported trek, chosen to suit the fitness level of your group.

If possible, the trekking route will include the village where you undertake the Solar Suitcase installation project. 

In the short time that you spend in this community, you will form memories that last a lifetime.

Please contact us to discuss travelling with Keba Adventures.