Experiential learning at its best

We facilitate leadership development expeditions.

The Big Idea

Using an overseas community project as a platform for developing your team.

The project will act as an experiential learning process in which your team can examine the way it is functioning, establish new ways of working together and experiment with new leadership behaviours.

Simultaneously, you will complete a piece of work that will make a lasting difference to the local community.

Following is a suggested outline for your leadership development expedition

Day 1. Arrival and Familiarisation

You are responsible for your travel to the project site. However, from this point onwards we take over and provide you with the highest available standard of food, transport and accommodation.

Day 2 - Introduction to the Programme

This is a facilitation day that will cover: personal introductions, an overview of the project, clarification of outcomes, personal and team goal setting, ground rules and some team activities.

Days 3 - 5. Experiential Project Work

Undertaking the project will involve rotating overall leadership roles, distributed leadership amongst functional sub-groups and a constant requirement for communication and collaboration.

As the project progresses, giving and receiving feedback will be important – as will acting on this feedback. Our facilitator will guide you as you transition through stages of team development.

The pressure of finishing on time will test your individual and team resilience. How you perform under these conditions will be an opportunity for you to work on your development goals.

Day 6. Review and Rest

Today we reflect on the experience and consolidate learning from the expedition so far. We conclude with a focus on the future and commit to actions that will improve your approach in the long term.

Day 7. Taxi to Airport

The trip ends when you are collected from the project site and bid farewell to the local hosts and partners.

Please contact us to discuss travelling with Keba Adventures.